My dad is the Governor of my state, I get to see him only twice in a month. Mum was born to travel around the world to keep her clothing line moving, I get no attention from her at all.

Amanda’s dad works in the oil and gas sector, his two weeks off work is always spent on the hospital bed treating a fresh injury. Maybe someday, he would come back home without his arms. Her mum is the MD of Utility Bank, she works more than she breaths and forgets everything that is important to Amanda, even her birthdays.

What about Ahmad?
Ahmad’s father is one of the best goldsmiths in Kano, all day through the heat and smoke, haggard and older than his actual age as his customers shine through his sweat and toil. His mum is a pretty blind woman  who sits home all day in her black robe and hijab.

Naya’s dad is a hustler on the streets of Baltimore, she hasn’t seen him since she was two. Her mum is a state teacher, she witnesses her birthdays more than pay days.

Toyo’s dad is the politician’s bodyguard, he worships his boss’ life and properties while he dines with kings. Her mum?  Oh! She lost her mum when she was four.

Meet Lisa
Lisa’s dad has a shop. Yes! A wheelbarrow shop. He loads it with crayfish every day and drives it around the market. Her mum? She is the Chief cleaner of God’s Grace School in the neighborhood.

Ebuka’s dad drives a ‘Keke Napep’ (Tricycle). He pays the check point policemen more than he meets his family’s needs. His mum is an involuntary helper, she helps people to carry their goods to the bus stop after shopping in the market (Alabaru).

Solo’s father is a waste manager. He picks up metal scraps around the community for sale. Solo’s mother is a sole proprietor, she hawks groundnuts with the metal tray her husband found for her.

Kofo’s dad has not been found since he lost his sanity three years ago. Her mom, she does have a permanent seat in the society, just right in front of the Cathedral, begging for alms.

Fighter Nita
Nita’s dad and mom were imprisoned twelve year ago for a crime they know nothing about. Her mum’s sister abandoned her three years after. Nita is now fourteen, Nita sleeps wherever nighttime meets her.

Nita needs Kofo‘s help
Kofo wishes to be like Solo
would love to trade places with Ebuka
Ebuka wants to be in Lisa‘s shoes
Lisa wishes she was Toyo
wants to be Naya
Naya wouldn’t mind being Ahmad
Ahmad would gladly trade places with Amanda
Amanda would kill to be ME
But I just want to be someone else.

By Dolapo (

Brief Description of the Author of Insatiable Wishes of an African Child

dolapoDolapo is a graduate of Zoology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is currently in Enugu State, Nigeria observing the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) where she has been able to fully explore and fulfill her long dream of being a Fashion Designer. She is also a part-time writer and an artist. Visit her Instagram page ( to know more about her.

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  1. Ruky says:

    This is really thought-provoking.


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