In the Realm of African Art: Elizabeth Obeng!

As a child, Ghanaian graphic artist, Elizabeth Obeng,  wanted to be a fashion designer because she loved playing dress up – which she does till now, her dream of becoming a fashion designer sparked an interest in fashion illustration and she hasn’t looked back since. Her field of practice include fashion illustrations, digital art, graphic design, and canvas painting.

We are fascinated with her art because of her dedication to the empowerment of  black women in her craft. Her designs are simple but they also portray the stylish nature of the African woman.

The BFA degree holder says she is inspired by the variety of  African print fabrics that are produced in Ghana and her experience with African print fabric design and production companies has had a great influence on her creations.

On her challenges she said,

“Sometimes I run out of ideas… I wouldn’t call it a challenge because I see it as a stepping stone… Whenever I run out of ideas, I begin to work even harder by brainstorming and the results turn out to be great”

Check out more of her artworks below;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see more or shop, visit

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