The Prodigal Daughter’s Latest Collection is all Shades of African Pizazz

The Prodigal Daughter’s latest collection is all shades of African pizazz

The Fashion label, The Prodigal Daughter’s R/EVOLUTION SS16/17 Collection is out and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Phoebe Mwanza, the creative mind behind the fashion brand, really took the inclusion of African themes in her designs to the next level and we are in love.

From pleated maxi skirts to button down shirts and cute African print shorts, the designs were phenomenal.  Here is what she has to say about her brand;

“To truly evolve we have to learn to love ourselves, all of ourselves – not just the beautiful parts, but the parts that make us cringe. Light cannot exist without some darkness. I discovered that I had always been perfect. I discovered a source of love that is within and that is eternal… out of that void, a new me was unearthed.

I am still a work in progress. But the prodigal daughter has begun her journey back home. A journey back to my roots, my culture, my soul and to the source of all. Back to what I already knew as a 3 year old. The prodigal daughter is the story of my internal revolution which has brought about my evolution… so to all the prodigal daughters and sons out there, it’s our time to come back home because we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

– Phoebe Mwanza,  Designer, The Story of The Prodigal Daughter

Check out some outfits from the collection below;

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To view the full collection, head to


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