In the Realm of African Art: Elizabeth Obeng!

“Sometimes I run out of ideas… I wouldn’t call it is a challenge because I see it as a stepping stone because whenever I run out of ideas, I begin to work even harder by brainstorming and the results turn out to be great”

ZNA.K Designs presents “Winter Looks”

“She created a wall decor artwork called “Ankara Fusion” which she completed within 7 hours. Ankara Fusion is a beautiful collage of different Ankara fabrics…”

In the Realm of African Art: Àsìkò

“…was as much about African women as it was about African jewellery. It was about their strength, their frailties, their disposition, their roles, it was about their magic.”

Gbenga Artsmith Releases its “Black Magic” Jewelry Collection.

“…the inspiration was to create pieces to show the rich seam of African fashion through the use of Ankara print, intricate bead embellishment and corals against a backdrop of black costumes as black represents our peculiarity, power and beauty as a people.”

African Style Diary

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African Cuisine in Focus: Efo Riro!

We bet you didn’t know that some vegetables could be of way more use than you ever imagined. Say hello to a delicious soup very popular among the Yoruba people in the South Western part of Nigeria called EFO RIRO. Efo Riro is a kind of vegetable soup mixed with all sorts of meat and…


Worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Zendaya, Amandla Stenberg and many more, most people think that the Dashiki is just a trend but No! Dashiki is much more than a trend it’s a culture. It is a form of visual art that expresses and tells the story of Africa ancestral lines. Now let’s…

Bonang Matheba Glams up in Iconic Ivanity for AFRIMA 2016

South African media personality, Bonang Matheba, is serving a hot plate of glamour in a dress by Nigerian fashion designer, Iconic Invanity. The award-winning tv and radio presenter is hosting the 3rd edition of the annual All Africa Music Awards tonight in Lagos, Nigeria. For the event, she chose an orange and black dress from…

Burst of Colours: Agyei Photography

Ghanaian photographer, Kwame Agyei, has left us in awe with this exquisite portrait showcasing African beauty and style with the use of bold-coloured accessories. The careful selection of the right assortment of bracelets, neck-pieces and nail polish by the stylist is brilliant and Agyei did a great job of bringing the whole look to life….

Style Star of the Week – Nakitende Esther

African Style Diary’s star of the week is none other than the gorgeous Nakitende Esther. The plus size beauty is known for wearing vibrant and colorful outfits that accentuate her God-given curves. Esther is also very outspoken about the issues women are facing in the world today and has taken it upon herself to use her…